September 20, 2012

Cita Previa InterSAS

Posted by otioti

Hi guys,

it was lot time ago i don’t write any new post! Well, I have good news: Cita Previa for InterSAS has reached 25.000 downloads! This is wonderful!


July 6, 2012


Posted by otioti

You just arrived at work, and found a message from nagios telling you got a problem with a server. So, you go to ground floor, enter into data center, connect to kvm console any monitor and then see this:

So, reboot the server, and at the end of run BIOS check, you get this again. Ok, next move is load a Rescue LiveCD to check if something is wrong. But the CD couldn’t load, it stopped running Grub ;(

Well, next move was check memory slots, I removed first slot and rerun server… and bingo! That’s it!

To ilustrate this error, I write down complete message:

TRAP 00000010  ======================== EXCEPTION ========================
tr=FFFF  cr0=00000000  cr2=00000000 cr3=00000060
gdt limit=03FF  base=00017000     idt limit=07FF  base=00017400

cs:eip=0006:00000058  ss:esp=0030:00001648  errcode=0000
flags=00600000  NoCy NoZr IntDis Down TrapDis
eax=00000010  ebx=534D0043  ecx=00000002  edx=0000C7B8  ds=0040  es=1240
edi=000254B0  esi=000014BE  ebp=000014A2  cr0=00000000  fs=0010  gs=0010

April 28, 2012

Cita Previa InterSAS

Posted by otioti

Desde la proliferación de diferentes modelos de terminal móvil con Android, con diferentes pantallas, formas y tamaños, se ha vuelto muy tedioso hacer una IU que funcione bien en todas.

Lamentablemente he tenido que tomar la decisión de adaptar una nueva IU para la selección de cita en el calendario para los terminales con una resolución de altura menor 320px, y seguiran teniendo la IU anterior al calendario, es decir, una lista para seleccionar la fecha y luego el listado de horas hábiles para ese día seleccionado.

En principio, los pobres terminales que se van a ver afectados serán HTC ChaChaCha y Motorola Flipout :(

February 18, 2012

Cita Previa InterSAS

Posted by otioti

It has been nearly a year since I published Cita Previa for Android. It’s wonderful when people use the things that you created, and even more if they thank you. Thank you for every one helped me to develop this App, to those who gave me new ideas, to those who critized my ideas (and the UI ;) ).

February 16, 2012


Posted by otioti

February 7, 2012

Cita Previa InterSAS

Posted by otioti

This last weekend I published the last version of Cita Previa InterSAS app, then many people wrote me about the app didn’t work, it always was returning the same error. Once this problem was fixed, another users sent me a new problem when he was trying to ask for appoinment for several patients. It always appears the same calendars and same avaible days and hours. I forgot to write a return at the end of the function in charge of generating the calendar for every patient.

Therefore, I feel a little embarrased (1st time) and ashamed (2nd time), as other friend:!/roman_soft/status/164052041205952512

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