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damn it!

Friday, December 11, 2009
posted by otioti

First, i’m sorry for the title, but…

  • Have you ever had a coworker that deleted a directory or some files of a server?
  • Have you ever had to reinstall a MaOSX Server caused of deleted files?

Well, that happened to me. Yesterday a coworker deleted /usr/bin folder content of MacOSX Server. I tried to copy files from my own Macbook… No! Failure!

Well, today, i waked up because of i had a dream repairing this problem. Has it ever happened to you?

Ok, let’s understood how can we recover those files. The shopping list is:

  • MacOSX Server Installation DVD
  • Pacifist:
  • Macbook or other kind of computer with Mac OS
  • 30 minutes

Install Pacifist, open Apple Install Disc, and search next packages:

  • BSD.pkg
  • BaseSystem.pkg

Inside them we’ll find /usr/bin folders. Just extract them to a directory on your Mac.

But, there is another problem, if we copy files using scp, we won’t copy them because of server doesn’t have /usr/bin/scp.

Ok, let’s copy scp to a http server and then download the file using Safari.

Copy it to /usr/bin and now, we could copy all files using scp.

Funny 😉

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