10 best videos of train snow plowing

Monday, January 18, 2010 @ 10:01 PM
posted by otioti

Thanks to Bidatzi, a coworker in Fundacion IAVANTE, I decided to post the 10 best videos of train snow plowing. Normally, in Spain, we don’t have too much snow problems with trains communications, but It’s awesome for me see those machines working hard in snow.

Here, my 10 best videos. Enjoy!

1st Train Snow Plowing (slip)

I call this “the beast“:

2nd Train Snow Plowing Mp 466.5

Or named “the train snow plowing hunter“:

3rd Train Snow Plow Getting Stuck

Or also named “Hello? Anybody is there?”

4th Train Snow Plowing Mp.416.5

Named “I can’t see anything” in honor to “David after dentist

5th Train Snow plowing Mp.435.5

lso named “Good at the beginning, worst at the end

6th Train Snow Plowing 2

I call this “Men, take care with bodywork!

7th Train snowplowing on the Kyle Railroad.

Called, “Why don’t we follow a train?”

8th Snow Plowing Mp.467

9th Train Snow Plow Getting Unstuck part 1 of 5

Also called, “How can we get out here?”

10th Tripleheaded Eggliner Snowplow

I call this “Don’t try it at home”

So, I recognized two reflections:

  • Southern Pacific Rules!
  • I’ll die, and I’ll never see a train plowing in Spain as USA. So, I have to visit there 🙂

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