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All up ;)

Saturday, February 18, 2012
posted by otioti

It has been nearly a year since I published Cita Previa for Android. It’s wonderful when people use the things that you created, and even more if they thank you. Thank you for every one helped me to develop this App, to those who gave me new ideas, to those who critized my ideas (and the UI ;) ).


What a return can cause…

Tuesday, February 7, 2012
posted by otioti

This last weekend I published the last version of Cita Previa InterSAS app, then many people wrote me about the app didn’t work, it always was returning the same error. Once this problem was fixed, another users sent me a new problem when he was trying to ask for appoinment for several patients. It always appears the same calendars and same avaible days and hours. I forgot to write a return at the end of the function in charge of generating the calendar for every patient.

Therefore, I feel a little embarrased (1st time) and ashamed (2nd time), as other friend:!/roman_soft/status/164052041205952512


Thinking in future…

Tuesday, May 3, 2011
posted by otioti

It’s been passed two month since I published my App on Android Market. Now it has 400 downloads. This is fine, but I would like to promote my app more often. The big deal is, here in Andalusia, there are many people that don’t have Android Phones, but I want to have a goal: “Reach 1% of andalusian population”

Here comes maths:

  1. Andalusian total population: 8.370.975
  2. Andalusian potential population (from 18 to 45 years): 3.604.467 (43,03 %)
  3. The goal is 1% of potencial population: 36.044 downloads

Ok, now It’s 400… we’ll see soon.


Seems to be well…

Thursday, March 31, 2011
posted by otioti

After two weeks on Android Market, my App for Appointments on the Andalusian Health Care Public System seems that many people use it. Yesterday, I reviewed downloads stats and I checked that almost 200 people downloaded my App…

I’m thinking to develop iPhone’s App, but that is another market and, most importantly, another programming language… Oh! Lord, Objective-C …  🙂


Appointment App for Andalusian Health Care Public System

Monday, February 28, 2011
posted by otioti

Hi guys,

after few weeks closed at home, I became very bored and started to play with develop for Android.

Well, I spent many hours thinking what to do for my first app for Android, and I always wanted to do an App for a simple stuff that some andalusians do more often: Ask for appointment for doctor. Really, I wrapped all the code from Cita para el médico, the official web page of the Regional Ministry of Health Care of Andalusia, invested many hours doing inverse engineering, and finally we could use this app to ask for appointment.

I’ve more ideas for this App:

  • Look for nearest Pharmacies.
  • Create an event into out calendar

But now, I think it’s ok if you want to use it for your family. Here is apk. Ok, now it’s published here:

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